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Seminars - List Managing

These 2 seminars are 1 to 2 hours and are suitable from anyone new with digital marketing to the comfortable small-business marketer who is looking to build their knowledge base, or to reinforce what it is they already know. These seminars focus on managing your contact lists with a topics such as growing your list and segmenting for optimal results. All seminars have a friendly, relaxed atmosphere and all you have to bring are your questions. You will leave with the knowledge and motivation to take action that same day.

Grow Your Email List

Email marketing is only as effective as your least engaged subscriber. That’s why having an interested and qualified list of contacts that you can stay top of mind with, is vital to your business. Continuing to grow that list is just as important.

In our “Grow Your Email List” workshop, we will discuss various strategies to capture new contacts and to build relationships with your subscribers so you can see the real business results that you deserve.

Our workshop will cover:

  • Reasons why someone should join your list
  • How to ask people to join your list at your location or event
  • How to use social media to grow your list
  • How to grow your list on your website or blog
  • How to use print material to get people to sign up
  • How to use incentives and giveaways to grow your list
  • And more!

Plus, you'll have a chance to network with other attendees and grow your contact list, live during the workshop

How to Segment Your List to Get Better Email Marketing Results

You may have heard that today’s consumers expect timely and relevant information from the businesses they choose to hear from. Segmentation is the first step toward sending that targeted, relevant content that gets results for your business.

Whether you’re not sure how to segment your list or you just want to learn more, join us in this impactful presentation, we’ll share strategies and tips that help you segment your list to send more relevant information to your subscribers.

You’ll learn:

  • Basic strategies to segment your email list
  • How to get your subscribers to self-segment
  • How to use existing data & tools to send relevant information